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Suggested Reading

Updated November 21st 1999

The Observation Deck: A Tool kit for Writers
I have found this niftly little writers compainion to be very useful when a block hits or inspiration dies. I am now, with the help of this tool kit, working on my first novel.
The kit includes 160 pages paperback book & 50 flashcards (Copyrighted September 1998)

Writing Short Stories for Pleasure and Profit By Marian Gavin

Packed with useful info and exercises to awaken the creativity in you with 102 Self-Starters, Out-of-nowhere Story, do's and don'ts and more.

Writing from your Body By John Lee

For writers, Artists, dreamers who long to free your voice. Filled with meditation techniques, physical exercises, and candid counseling-all designed to combat the fears, self-imposed standards, and supposed feelings that block creative potential. Any writier, artist, teacher, phychologist interested in the creative process will find this book invaluable, a lasting source of hope and power.

Copyrighted in 1994

'Shut up!' He explained A writer's guide to the uses and misises of Dialogue By William Noble

Very helpful in clarifying what is and how to use dialogue.

How to write tales of horror, fantasy, and Sci-fi, By Various

THE book on genre writing. Filled with pertinent and insightful information. Features writing advice from the likes of Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Dean Koontz, Marion Zimmerman Bradley and Charles L. Grant. Buy it with Mort Castle's "Writing Horror" and Stanley Wiater's "Dark Thoughts On Writing". An inspirational book. Buy it you won't be sorry.

The Writer's Digest Handbook of Short Story Writing, By Various

This handy paperback helps the reader/writer get started with a pep talk, then gives ideas on how to stay creative, and goes on from there. Highly recamended.

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