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Last updated: 10-6-03
Midnight (last addition: June 2002)
M Y S T E R Y (last addition: April 4th)

Under The Silver Moon(last addition: January 17th 2000)

**Spelling and grammer will most likely not be perfect in any submissions**

Chapter One-In the Beginning

The following was submitted by Suikem Koo on Jan. 3rd '99

"Never heard of a packrat before. My back's all tired and sore" Belted out Deq, the singer, as the members of the pub groaned at every syllable he sang. It was almost like they were humming to the tune.

.... and GROAN if GROAN you GROAN see GROAN me GROAN Make GROAN sure GROAN you GROAN turn GROAN off GROAN the GROAN tv


"Get off me!"

"Star Trek Federation's the best!" declared the attacker.

"Federalism sucks. They just want power," Objected the other man who was just as big as the other.

"Wait a minute" said Deq accenting 'a'. For once the pub customers stopped groaning and heaved a huge sigh. "Why don't we have some peace?"

"Get out yer recorder and getcha hands on some drums hey Deq!" said one of the many red eyed pub customers. The two men were still fighting in the background as Deq got up to get the recorder and sat at the drums seat.

"And you guys why don't you argue over Star Trek Insurrection it's showing now at the picture theater!"

The two guys got up, still argueing to leave and the pub was left in the peace of Deq blowing at the recorder and the irregular drum beat, which was definitely an improvement. ==Thanks Koo! That was interesting. I am very excited to see what will happen next. :)==

This next part was submitted by MJones on Feb. 17 '99

They don't even have a clue, the morons, that they're really out there. They talked to him frequently, inside his head. Deq didn't know how they did it but he heard them loud and clear. That's why he was always singing and beating on his drums...anything to shut the chattering up. He shook his head as he thought about the crazy things they said and he wondered if they even knew he could hear them...them and their schemes to take over the planet.

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