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The Poems

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Could it be true, with a love so new

Could it be true with a love so new, A love so dear, a love that I never thought I could feel. I want to meet you, a yearn to see you, but my body quakes, my heart aches, my mind races… I think of things we have said, Thinking that this thing we have wasn't supposed to be.

I read the scopes, they say we are the most, I want to believe, I want to see, but what I am trying to say is... I am scared. Scared of the closeness we might have, scared of being hurt and sad, scared of rejection and affliction, scared of knowing that you could be the one, true, love that I have searched for all my life.

Could it be true? Could it be TOO good to be true? I dare not think, I dare not blink for I might miss a wink, a kiss, a hug, a cry of sadness, a whisper of love, a sigh of loneliness and then I might mess it up. I want to love you, I blush when I think of you… Please tell me my fears are in vain, my worries are insane, and all I need to do is think of you and everything will be okay.

By Rexenne

All Rights Reserved Internally Copyright 1998

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