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Case of the Virus

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"They said that the alligators transmitted the disease to the wild hamsters in Washington." The coraner moved to the other side of the table. "Which in turn transmitted it over to the larger preditors and then finally humans." He started the electric saw and began cutting through the rib cage of the latest victom. The roar of the saw filled the room and ears of the detective that stood not to far away. He quickly moved out of the way of the splattering blood and bone fragments. With distinct professionalism, Detective Marcelo covered his mouth and turned from the doctor as he felt his stomach begin to convolse. He burped up a few of the onions that had been part of his lunch earlier that day. The roar of the turbine powered saw finally ended.
"Which didn't leave Washington many options....what a GORGEOUS carpse!" Marcelo's stomach couldn't take any more. He turned to leave, but as he passed the doctor he spewed all over him! The doctor hardly even flinch as the stomach churned food and stomach fluids clung to his surgery uniform.
"Ugh! What a not so gorgeuos mess." Marcelo stumbled out of the room. The doctor just smiled and rolled his eyes.

After he gained his composure, detective Marcelo found his younger partner, Jackson.
"Hey, Jacks, over here!" he hollered down the morgue hallway. His husky voice echoed off the white, somber walls.
"What's going on Marcelo? I just heard they found another body."

Added by Zoomelda June 1st 1999

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