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Rexies Creative Writing Site

This site is here to help you with your writing needs and obsessions. Mostly links to other great sites, but also a forum, chat, and on going stories. Below are a list of links to various pages that list what you are looking for. Pages with an - * - are not yet available.

Feedback of any sort - positive or negative is invaluable to me, so if you do read any of the stories, articles, or poems please let me know what you thought by dropping a note in the guestbook. I'd really appreciate it.

Updates will be posted in that little box below, before the first bar line.

Updated on March 3rd

Things are changing every day so be sure to hit reload and get a fresh copy in your cache!

Quizlet on start page is fixed. Please go there and tell me which browser you are using.

new parts added to the ongoing story and new starters added.

Forum is up and we need some chatters!

I am still taking submission for new webring designs, check out the latest at the Imaginational Works webring page.

Still working on the optional frames with a sound gallery. :) Hey, I still liked the idea, how about you? Sign the Guestbook or go chat on the Board and tell me so. :)

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