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This site is here to help you with your writing needs and obsessions. Mostly links to other great sites, but also a forum, chat, and on going stories. Below are a list of links to various pages that list what you are looking for.

Feedback of any sort - positive or negative is invaluable to me, so if you do read any of the stories, articles, or poems please let me know what you thought by dropping a note in the guestbook. I'd really appreciate it. :)

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Updated on October 6th 2003

I would strongly advise anyone surfing through to get an ad blocker. Tripod is really bad about pop-ups on non-paying members pages. May I suggests Adsgone: Free to try and only $19.99 to own! Works great! Have had it for years! You can also add to the 'to be blocked' list, called 'user defined block'.

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