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"Is it just me, or is this where our lives are going to end?" I asked sarcastically.
"Shhhhhhhh," hissed Chad. "She'll hear you!"
"We're as good as dead if she finds us here, you idiots!" Jonathan also hissed quietly. "So do you want to do this or not?"
"Not." I said.
"Shut-up Alex!"
"Shut-up, both of you! We can't go home tomorrow without doing this! The train leaves tomorrow night!" argued Jonathan.
We were crouching under the window of the old Victorian house. It was tall, dark, and very creepy. I, even now, don't understand why we were there, and what the heck persuaded me to listen to that old beggar in the street. She had singled me and my lost friends out among all of the other people coursing through the small, narrow sidewalks of Demi City. Demi City was so small, on a map, hundreds of Demi Cities could fit on the tip of a pen. You could walk from the edge of the city to the end in about 20 minutes. But that couldn't explain why in whatever direction we walked, we couldn't get out.
The old woman had been picking through trash. She had smelled of it. She had invited us up to her house to eat and tell us our way out of the city. We were hungry and we must have been extremely desperate to even bother with someone like that. We said yes after about 10 seconds of thought, all together. I felt a pressure in my head to say yes, so I did. But as I sat with my friends under the window, I was having second thoughts.
"Just why are we here under the window?" I asked impatiently. Johnny, on my left, rolled his eyes.
"We need to check out the place, duh," he said. "So, like, if things get weird, we can bail. And we'll now how to escape." I stared at him and Chad, who was on my right. Chad nodded. I shook my head and smiled.
"I see. So I wasn't the only one with second thoughts about this, eh?" Chad's eyes widened angrily.
"We aren't having second thoughts!" he yelled. Johnny shushed him. He nodded.
"We just don't want to be fools. Think about it. We are here all by ourselves. We have no money. We have no car. We have no map. We have no food. We have no place. WE HAVE NO CLUE! Got it?" I didn't answer. I was surprised at how angry and fast he was getting. So I turned around and slowly peeked into the window.
"Well, well, well," I whispered to them both. "It looks like the old lady doesn't even need to throw her own trash into the freakin' trashcan! Look!" Inside, it was big. I mean, it was HUGE. There was so much space in there, it seemed a wonder that it could fit into the old-looking Victorian house. Everywhere there were flowers, portraits, tables, carpets, and a few maids. They were dressed in the traditional black dress with a white apron. They were young, too. Johnny and Chad whistled to themselves.
"Woohoo, this lady is probably loaded!" said Chad obviously.
"My sentiments exactly," I said. "Then why was she rummaging around in the city trash, eh? I'm telling you guys, for the last time, this lady means trouble! I smell something fishy about her."
"Oh well," said Jonathan impatiently. "We are going in there to get help, not to ask her for her life savings! What would you expect from an old lady?"
"Trouble," I said plainly. They both glared at me, then peeked back into the house. Chad stood a little and tried to lift the old fashioned window sill. It moved easily. They both sighed, and Chad sat down again. Jonathan nodded.
"Let's go." I nodded also.
"Don't want to leave DEATH waiting." Neither one of them commented to me and crouched as they passed the windows to the front door. I followed cautiously, and eyed the black roses close to the doorstep. They didn't seem to stay one color: more like stay black, turn dark green, then dark blue, and other different colors. Of course, my 'friends' didn't notice. They knocked on the door together, and a beautiful dark-haired woman with a deep velvet dress on. She smiled warmly to Chad and Jonathan. They grinned back at her foolishly.
The woman turned to me and smiled icily, and I didn't smile back. She turned away and motioned for us to move into the house. Chad and Jonathan, already chained in by her beauty and charm, didn't take half a second to think about not going in. They just went. I followed slowly and looked at the woman's eyes. She turned away before I could get a good look, and left me to shut the door and follow. I shut the door and went on.
We had looked inside of the house before. But when I went farther in, not a thing a remember seeing through the window was in sight. There were dark corners everywhere, and it looked like a haunted house. And there were no windows whatsoever. The woman had somehow speed-walked ahead of the guys and turned around to stop them.
"Thank you, gentlemen, for coming here," the woman said to all of us, standing appealingly on the deep red carpet. A sweetly familiar smell wafted to my nose. My stomach growled fiercely.
"I have heard your predicament, and I have decided to come to your attention. First, we will have our feast, then we will see what we can do." She began to move to her left around a corner.
"We?" I whispered, inching up to Chad and Johnny. "How can it be 'we'? I don't see anybody else here." And it was the truth. Not even a maid that we had spotted before was in sight. Chad waved my question away.
"The lady's feeding us in the middle of the night, so WHO CARES?!" he said. He looked at me directly, finally ignoring the beautiful woman leading him to food. "You really need food, buddy. You haven't been looking so good." I touched my growling stomach and patted his shoulder, speaking sadly. I put my hand on his shoulder.
"Well, it's been nice knowin' ya'. After the feast, I'm sure that we will never be the same again."
"Oh, put a sock in it and come on," said Johnny impatiently. "I'm hungry."
I shrugged. "Ok. Your choice." The woman led us into a huge dining hall, most of which was dark. Instead of being the brightly lit room we thought it was, it was contrarily so. Candles were in a few corners, including the long stretch of the dining table. She motioned for us to sit next to her, me being 2nd chair on the left, Johnny beside me, Chad across from me, and the woman at the head of the table, next to me on the other side. After we were seated, the woman clapped her hands together and the candles brightened to show the table covered with hot, steamy food cast in shadows.
Pot roast, filet mignon, beef, steak, turkey, chicken, salad, macaroni, cole slaw, and the works were immediately assaulted by Jonathan and Chad. Idiots, I said to myself. They gulped down the food as I watched the woman watching them. A certain gleam seemed to arise in the pits of her pupils as she watched my buddies gorge themselves on the food. Almost as soon as it had appeared, it disappeared, Chad and Johnny sighing happily to themselves. Johnny decided to take up actual conversation.
"So, you live here all alone?"
"Yes," I answered for her. "Because she's a witch." The woman looked at me, startled. "What?"
"Witch," I continued," W I T C H. Or does it start with a B?" She stood and looked angrily at me.
"I beg your pardon?" She paused and thought. "How did you know?" I stood also and grinned at her. She moved back a step. Smart.
"Well, it looks like a haunted house--It smells like a haunted house--The floor is covered in blood and I don't like you. Your witch's potion to lure young boys into your home is weak."
She screamed viciously. "Well then, boy, watch while I devour your friend over here. Haaaaa......" She suddenly became taller, and her skin turned a sickly green. Claws inched from her nails, and she grabbed Jonathan. He let her realize what clearly healthy lungs he had. She devoured him whole. I watched.
"Weak," I repeated. "Watch a master. Here, witch!" And unknown to her a force dragged her screaming and hovering in front of me. My eyes burned and reflected in her empty ones. "I'm no boy. A 3,000 year old deserves better. Hiyaaaa, I want your blood!" Pointy, long, sharp, professional fangs slid down from my K-9s. They sank softly into her vile throat. She screamed and clawed at me as I sucked her dry. I dropped her shrunken body onto the ground. Chad stared at me in absolute horror. Then he sighed.
"Thank you for keeping me from being eaten," he breathed. I cocked an eyebrow. "You were right. We'll never be the same, eh?" I nodded.
"Correct." I grabbed him and pulled him to me, his shocked brain giving in before he even reached me. I sucked him dry, and left his body on top of the woman who ate his friend, then turned down all of the candles, walking off into the night for another victim, for I was very hungry, and letting the house burn mysteriously to the ground with their bodies.