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Started By Mary Alward

Joeline sobbed. Hot tears ran down her cheeks. Lines of worry creased her usually cheerful brow. Wiping the last of the glasses, she set them on a shelf behind the bar. She sighed and walked to the window. Beautiful designs had been etched on each pane by the frost. Joeline saw no beauty in the delicate artistry. Her heart ached. She touched the glass at eye level and watched the frost dissolve beneath the warmth of her fingers. Gone, she thought. Just like Pa...just like everyone I ever cared about.

This next part was donated by Kristin Wilson

He disappeared on the last day of summer. Leaving her with nothing but memories of better days. Now that winter had come and she still had heard nothing of him, she was completely lost. She knew she was pregnant by him. Her Christian, the love of her life was gone. She had his seed growing within her but it wasn't the same. Joeline wanted him there with her to go throught the morning sickness and swollen ankles. But she knew that he would never be back.
Christian drifted into her life just as quickly as he vanished from it. He was a strange and handsome man. One of feeling and thoughtfullness. She fell in love with him as soon as she saw him sitting at her bar that fateful night. He was there alone that night. She looked up from the cash register and there he was like a dream; all blue eyes and muscles. He asked for a drink which she made on shaky legs. Joeline thanked the Gods for bringing her this man.
They had a very long conversation that night. The night of April 1. When she thinks back on it, she knows that the gods played a hurtful prank on her that day. They talked about everything that night from their families to their intimate desires. They explored as much of each other as they could in between her drink orders. He frequented the bar after this. He was there every night to see her work and watch her move. Until August 21, they had a strictly conversational relationship. They decided that that would be the night that they consumated the relationship.
As they left the bar, she commented on the beauty of the full moon. He looked at it with a longing in his eye but never said a word. She wondered about this but didn't ask. When they made it back to her place, he consumed her with kisses. He made her feel like a queen as he rubbed her in all the right places and when they finally made love she thought she would burst with ecstacy. He left the next morning leaving nothing behind except his scent. Joeline waited and waited for him to come back, but he never did. She was devastated. She cried for days. She went to work hoping he would be there. He never showed up. When she found out she was pregnant, she could not believe the fates would do this to her. They gave her the man of her dreams. But, they took him away and left her with his child.

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