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Power on, switch cables, and push play. He watched her do these things while he hide himself in a dark corner of her room. She had put in a CD of Bon Jovi and was now rocking to the beat of Wanted Dead or Alive. This was how he felt for her, so full of life that he longed to take her. But he could not take her so easily. He watched as she danced to the high beat of the music. She wore only a black T-shirt and white under panties, since she thought that she was the only one in the room. She was a little overweight, but that did not matter to him. She loved him with a passion that was so deep, and he would do the same with her. Around her neck she wore the sign of the Kindred. It was of gold, not real gold, but it was still a charming shade of gold, and it hung on a gold necklace that hung to her breasts.

They were in the living room of the house and the room contained many dark corners in which he could hide and watch her. On the floor lay a single throw rug that looked as though it needed a good beating. Behind her lay the couch and the guest chair. She liked the guest chair. It was her favorite place to sit and watch X-Files on Sunday nights. Behind the couch was the piano. It had not been played in many years and was badly out of tune. He would fix that for her, so that he could play love songs to her when the moon was full. In front of her sat the TV, VCR’s, and the disc player. She looked in his direction, seeming to see him, but just playing along with the lyrics to the song. So full of life, so vibrant was she, and so beautiful he could not get her off of his mind.

She liked to listen to music; he had seen this over a period of several months. She played music from the past, present day hot stuff, or classical. She liked Classical Thunder and was hoping that her mother was getting it for her birthday. He had been in her room when she listened to some curtain types of music, music that moved her and made her feel light as a feather. On these occasions, he would sit beside where she sat, on the edge of the bed, and peer into her mind deeper than he normally could. He saw deep private thoughts that made him harden with anticipation. He would look deep into her closed eyes to see her see herself different from what she really was. She saw herself as a skinny, tall lady, with deep brown, long hair, and green eyes. That was one thing that he liked about her, she wouldn’t change the color of her eyes. She liked the color because not very many people have such a beautiful shade of green. She had been chosen to be Kindred ever since she was about six. Before, her eye color would change with the color of clothes she wore. Then her eye color fixed to a bright shade of green and stayed that way ever since.

When he traveled with her to her school or other places that she liked to go, he would watch her watching others and studying them. She liked to look at people and wonder what makes them blink, talk, fight, walk, sneeze, cough, laugh, etc. When he would peer into her mind he would see her contemplating the existence of vampires and warlocks. She knew that other people threw it away as fantasy and fiction, but she knew that they were real and lived among us. She had researched on the subject of vampires and she had found out that the myths and older stories of the vampire could not be false.

But what she knew for sure was that she longed to meet a real vampire. She had given me a name; she named me ‘Julian’. She liked the name and he could not blame her for giving me that name. The name had a romantic ring to it. She could not be sure that he was real, but in her mind he was as real as the TV in front of her. She loved him in an odd sort of way, not knowing if the thing that she loved was real; but she was loyal to him and loved him just the same. That was what he loved about her, she was loyal to him even though she was not sure he was real.

‘Soon’, he said to himself. ‘Soon you will know that I am real. I will confirm you’re every fantasy and desire. I will love you like u want to be loved.’ When he looked into her mind, he saw something that he had passed up before. He saw in her mind that she liked to write stories about the dreams that she had at night.

She went to the window off to the side of her, looking out he knew she was looking for her mother. Her life with her mother had been hard that is why, he thought, she had made up the vampire characters to take her away from every day life at home; taking her to a place that she loved and longed to be apart of for real.

Soon he would lover her as she loves him now, then she would be released from her demanding mother. Only they would be able to touch one another and prowl through the night hunting; hunting is one of her many things that she liked and did often, he knew that. She would go out into the woods, which she lived by, with her pellet rifle and hunt squirrels, rabbits, birds, and when they came around deer.

He watched her as she finished her dance to the music and the song ended. He took a step forward, not sure of himself, not sure if it was the right time to reveal himself to her. He took a few more steps toward her and then he was behind her. He was careful not to frighten her.

‘Linda…’ he said, but she did not hear him. He felt awkward standing there saying her name, but she was not hearing him. He was ready to turn around and return to the shadows when she turned around and saw him. She looked at him. Wide-eyed with amazement. Her whole world suddenly revolved around them and them only. She looked him up and down, examining his features and then looking into his eyes. She knew who and what he was, and that did not frighten her. The he noticed her eyes; they were more beautiful than ever with excitement racing in them. Here eyes meet with his and there was instantly a connection made between them. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. She wanted to say something to him, but both her mind and her mouth were empty, blank. He had dark, brown hair that was short and neat. High cheekbones that accented his face and made his face look long and thin. He wore black jeans, a black leather jacket, and a matching black turtleneck sweater. His face stood out against all the black and made him all the more attractive to her.

‘Hello Linda. I, um, am your friend and I will not hurt you.’ ‘I know.’ She said simply, still gawking at him. He stepped a little closer to her, longing to hold her, caress, and love her. But she stepped away, unsure of what he was trying to do. He felt a special attachment to her and because of this, the bond was made stronger every minute that they spent together. She knew with her very heart and soul what he was, and she longed to be as he, a person of the night—a hunter of blood. He knew that any other mortal would shrink at the sight of her, but she, she was attracted to him. Instead of running away she ran to him, longing for him as he longed for her.

As he looked both at her and into her, he saw something in her that he had passed up before. She was a writer, and she was thinking up a story similar to what had just happened, the next day. She had written about many vampire characters, most of which involved him or other vampires. She had written stories based on her dreams, dreams of erotic bitings, and loving caressings. He had missed that minor in her; she loves to write. So much could be accomplished between them and others though her writing.

But he forgot that for now. All he wanted at that moment was to hold her and Embrace her.

The End.


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