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Disclaimer: None of the charters are mine. I have wiped their memory clean of all that has gone on in the story(ies) and put them back were I found them unharmed(mentally or physically).

In memorial of Mark Frankel who played Julian on Kindred: The Embraced

Revelations Buffy/Kindred Crossover By Rexenne

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All rights reserved and copyrighted internally

The girl had grown up in Castle Acre England, a quaint little town that had hardly any crime and no excitement. Her mother, Elizabeth Mary Bell, had died about twenty years earlier, but she could still remember her reading her bed time stories to her when she was two years old. Her mother had been so sweet, so loving, and so…perfect. Elizabeth had shoulder length black hair, big hazel eyes and fair skin that hardly ever had blemishes. Siharra had inherited the fair skin and black hair, and she liked to dress in black to match her hair; she thought that it made her look more sexy and appealing to those unsuspecting men looking for a one-night's fling. But her eyes had fixed to a very bright shade of green. This was something she was grateful for because men always noticed that first off, complimenting her with flattering, empty, remarks about them.

She took in a lung full of fresh air as she walked; it smelled good after being in that bar for over two hours looking for a decent meal. Her clothing had absorbed the smell of cigarette smoke, her tight fitting black tank top now felt dingy with the smell. She patted it, trying to get the smell out, but found it didn't work. Taking out a bottle of perfume, she sprayed herself liberally with it, the fragrance tickled her nose and rushed her senses. She stopped as she noticed some stray cigarette ashes had found a hiding place between her wrist and bracelet. She batted at them; blew them out from under her bracelet, watching the ash fall to the ground like a dying friend. Her eyes glazed over as the emotional memory came back to her with a vengeance…

Cash beat at the sprouting flames that started to cover his body; the smoke surrounded him, clouding his image. He cried out as the flames started to win the battle of the hands and overtake him. Covering his chest he fell to the ground, unaware that she was there to witness his murder. He huddled for a moment before snapping up, holding his arms straight out. He cried out to the sun with his head held back; his eyes going wide as he saw her come up in front of him, blocking the sun just for an instant. Horrified as he realized she was watching him, he cried out her name but was cut short as he burst into a cloud of dust. His ashes floated up around her as the wind kicked up and scattered them about and upon her. She fell to her knees, the rocky surface of the beach cutting into them, shocked at what she had just seen, not noticing the car squealing toward her. She lifted her head to see the car come to a screeching halt as the back door of the black limousine opened. A hand emerged to grab and pull her into the blackness inside. She screamed inside the cabin, causing the strangers to cover their ears. One grabbed her and pulled back her head with a jerk, exposing her neck. The searing pain that engulfed her soon faded as she passed out from the lack of blood to her brain...

She shook the God-awful memory of the forced Embrace out of her mind and concentrated on finding that meal worth drinking, which had been getting harder and harder these days. Before, about thirty years ago, finding a decent meal and been as easy as going for a walk down the street. Anyway, the blood was usually tainted with some sort of narcotic or was just plain rotten. She walked down the street, her small high heel black shoes clicking along on the blacktop road, looking about her for some unwary person walking out at this time of night. She found that someone walking about two blocks ahead of her. From the body structure and the bulkiness she could tell that it was a man. He looked about 6'0" wearing a sweater and loose fitting jeans. She supposed she could handle him. She probed the strangers' mind and licked her lips. This will do. She adjusted her top as she sped up. Soon she had caught up with the stranger walking only a few steps behind him. She made out like she was just a faster walker as she passed him in three strides. The man slowed after she past…maybe he was checking her out; it would make it easier to feed from him. The man cleared his throat; she slowed to his pace. She couldn't smell any hint of smoke of any kind on him; this was a good sign she told herself. She wasn't going hungry on this night.

"Um hi." She looked up at him, smiling her shy yet deceiving smile she nodded a hello. She looked the other way. He scratched his head, moving a wisp of brown hair back into place, his blue eyes looking away as he searched for words to say to this beautiful stranger. He felt inside of his jacket for the stake, patting it when he found it still there. "So you new around here?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Talk much?" She giggled at his humor. She moved a stray strand of her thin black, shiny, hair away from her emerald green eyes then moved in front of him. She stopped and turned to face him. Looking at him from under her brows, her eyes lighting up, smiling evilly she approached him.

"Eh...heh...ummm..." He became visibly uncomfortable as she stepped towards him. Purring at him, she moved her hands lightly across his chest. He shifted his weight to the other leg and moved backwards, gawking at her, his mouth dropped open. She looked up at him, and stuck her bottom lip out as she stepped closer to him. Her slender, pale finger came up and closed his mouth while she looked into his eyes; giving him a mental suggestion, he suddenly stopped. She moved to him her eyes transfixed on the point in his neck that beckoned to her with every pulse. His head moved aside as if he had done this before. His eyes seemed to glaze over as she licked, once, the pulse point near his collarbone where she was going to bite. Under her spell, he moaned with delight, not knowing the danger that he was in. She moved in, her fangs came out of their sheaths, she would make this as comfortable as possible. She opened her mouth as she leaned in, a small hiss escaping her throat.

"Xander!" The voice started her and she withdrew from his neck, a small amount of blood dripped down her chin. She turned around, wiping off her chin, she saw a lady rushing toward her; something pointed in her hand raised high, ready to strike. Xander gasped suddenly aware of what she had tried to do. She looked back at Xander then pushed him down, jumped over him, and took off running. The lady quickly caught up with her, and kicked her behind the knees, making her fall to the ground to a skidding stop. Turning over in time to block the incoming stake before it reached her heart, she bared her slightly bloody fangs and hissed at her. The lady paused, hesitated for a moment, then raised her fist high and quickly punched her out.

When Siharra awoke, she found herself in a large metal cage. In the cage with her were stacks of very old, musty books and a few metal and wooden bookshelves. She raised herself a bit to look around. She rubbed her throbbing head; a goose egg had formed where the lady had hit her. Surely, the sun had gone down; otherwise, she would still be sleeping. She could hear several people talking in the background and could not put her finger on who they were.

"Yo, guys, she's awake." The small blond boy said, alerting the others. They headed over to her, leading them was the lady that had attacked her. In the light, she looked about 16 or 17 shoulder length light brown and blond hair, slim and slightly built. She walked up to the cage, knelt down to her eye level and glared at the vampire. Being weak from not feeding Siharra shifted backwards away from the front of the cage in fear.

"Who are you." The lady demanded. She didn't answer her; instead she just stared at her and scooted back a little more.

"Buffy, no harassing the animals." Xander stated.

"Buffy, maybe we should be a little less straight forward about this." Giles stated walking out of his office, book in hand.

"She attacked Xander, Giles." She argued turning to look at Giles. "And she is no normal vamp, let me say, because when she attacked Xander her faced didn't change like I have seen in normal vamps. And her fangs where….where…different."

"Normal Vamps Buffy? There is no such thing as 'normal' vampires! Who cares if the thing has different fangs! All I know is this thing tried to suck me dry! And I have the bite marks to prove it." Xander pulled back the stained collar of his sweater and ripped of the bandages that Buffy had helped to put on. Giles put on his glasses and stepped over to look at his wounds.

"Indeed, she is different." He gingerly touched the outside wall of the marks. "There are more than one 'kind' of vampire out there, you know Buffy. In fact," he brought his book out from under his arm and opened it to a page he had marked. "While you four where out here discussing her fate, I found out that there are several other 'species', so to speak, of vampires. One was being the day-walkers, another being those who hunt and drink only animals blood, and then her kind. They call themselves..."

"Well I guess you never really know being on the hell mouth and all." Oz stated. "True, but I have never seen any other 'species' of vampires." Angel said coming in through the librarys' double doors.

"Oh, hello Angel. How long where you standing out there listening?" Giles asked turning around.

"Not for long." He looked over at the subject in the cage. "So what is she again?" He asked walking over to the group.

"I think she is," He paused to sound out the word. "Kin-dred, from what I can tell anyways." Siharra blinked in surprise, her mouth falling open. This was strange, for her kind was all over, even in Sunnydale and they where just now finding out. The muscles in her arm buckled with weakness causing her to slide down to the floor. Here eyes were heavy and she felt like she could have slept all night, but she needed to feed…and soon.

"Has anyone tried to talk to her?"

"Yes, Angel, in fact we have tried, but she won't speak to us." Angel paused to look over at the vampiress.

"Maybe I can get something out of her." He was over to the cage in an instant. The only door of the cage flying open and he was inside the cage before Siharra had a chance to get up. She growled at him, her eyes a dark shade of yellow. He stood there watching her only for a minute, then he was in her face before a blink of her eye, and his face had changed. He growled back at her and said between a wicked set of clinched fangs…

"Who are you?" For some reason, her fear for this man had disappeared and she was curious about him. His face was so contorted and wrinkled, and he had fangs, so he was a vampire of some sorts. She looked into his eyes and his soul. A tortured soul he had lived such a sad, long life. She raised her hand up to his face. He flinched back an inch, startling her so that she withdrew her hand. Angel regained himself when he realized that she was not going to hurt him.

She gingerly touched his eyebrow line. It was hard as bone but as soft as ivory. She looked from his brow line to his eyes. The fierceness had gone away and his scowl had disappeared. Now he stared into her eyes with the same curiosity for her as she had for him. She continued the path down from his brow line to the bridge of his nose, to his mouth, then finally his jaw line. She then traced the same path on her own face, all the while looking into his eyes. "Tell me who you are. Where are you from?" He asked softly. She only looked at him in amazement. She tilted her head listening.

"What?" The man asked. His face had changed back to normal as he frowned. She looked back to him then at the doors.

"Someone's coming." Buffy stated as she grabbed a stake off of the table next to her. Siharra's eye went wide; panic started to come over her. That lady was going to kill them, and maybe her too. The doors opened revealing a man that looked like he was in his late twenties. His dark brown hair was slicked back and his eyes were dark with controlled anger. His nice suit, with a blue shirt and matching dark blue tie could have fooled anyone. He looked like a businessman coming for his money. He faced the cage, turning his head to look at the group. He said nothing, only looked at them.

"M-may we help you?" Giles asked nervously. Siharra crawled around Angel and grabbed the cage door, shaking it with all the strength she could muster.

"Yes," came his soft yet firm voice. He walked over to the caged area. Julian The tall vampire rose from his stooping position and faced the stranger from inside the cage.

"My name is Julian and I have come to take my Childe home." He stated simply not taking his eyes from the tall one. Siharra slowly pulled herself up, Angel leaning down to help her, using his vampire strength to keep her from falling down. She leaned against him, using him as her support while she began to communicate with Julian, her hands flying through a series of gestures and movements.

"She's deaf?" Giles asked in a confused daze as he watched them. Suddenly the doors flew opened again reveling this time a young woman with long, thick, curly, dark brown almost black, hair strode into the library. Her tight black mini-skirt showed off her feminine curves and long slightly heavy legs. Her V-cut black shirt showed her cleavage. She saw Siharra and Julian over at the cage and quickly went over to them, the clicking from her long-heeled, shiny, black shoes echoing though out the library.

"Siharra!" She gasped as she stood by Julian.

"Sasha! I told you not to follow me. You disobeyed me." Julian said sternly under his breath. Sasha turned to face him and whispered.

"I'm sorry Uncle, but you know how much I care for Siharra. I am as worried as you are about her." She turned to Siharra. "How are you doing Hun?" Siharra answered her with her hands. "Oh." She said turning to Julian, then to the group.

Realizing that they had an audience, Julian turned and went to speak with Giles. "I am sorry for barging in like this." He introduced Sasha to him and the group.

"Uncle, she needs to…" She eyed the group. "You know. She is very weak." Julian went back over to the cage and fumbled with the locking mechanism. He suddenly ripped the gate door open, tired of fussing with the lock, breaking the hinges.

"Hey! That's school property! You'll have to pay for that." Giles said anger rising in his voice.

"Fine." Sasha hurried inside to help Siharra out while Julian put the cage door aside and went to speak with Giles.

Siharra's knees, weak from not feeding, buckled under her causing both of them to fall to the floor. Angel caught them before the both hit the floor.

"Thanks you..." Sasha looked at him.

"Angel." Their eyes meet. She broke the contact between them concentrating on helping Siharra.

"Thank you Angel." Sasha repeated. Siharra looked up into Sasha's eyes. Knowing what she needed, but not knowing what to do she look up at Julian for Guidance.

"Giles." He knew that since the Masquerade had already been broken, the he would not spare any formalities with them. So, he stated firmly… "You know what vampires need. We will not harm you, but..." He gestured toward Siharra and Sasha. "She needs a donor." He looked Giles squarely in the eyes. Giles' eyes went wide with fear as he took a step back. Buffy jumped in between the two.

"Uh-huh. I don't think so." She stated flatly bringing the stake up into view. "You can take her and you Kin-dred butts out of here and feed of something else, or pay the price here with Mr. Pointy." Julian looked at her; did he hear her right? Did she just call him Kindred?

"Why can't you…feed her?" Giles asked putting a hand on Buffy's shoulder and stepping forward.

"Giles! You're not seriously thinking about…"

"Hush Buffy." She looked at him, wondering if he had lost his mind.

"But..." He looked at her.

"Please! Buffy, let's hear him out before we come to any conclusions." Julian bowed his head curtly, putting aside the fact that she knew what he was for the moment, in light of their current situation.

"Thank you. To answer your question, why can't I feed her? You see," he said placing his hands behind his back as he began to pace in front of them. "When one Kindred, that is what we call ourselves as you already seem to know," Buffy and Giles exchanged looks. "Drinks from another it creates a bond, a Blood Bond, between the two. We call it the Third Tradition, and it can only be done when a vote is taken among the highest of the Kindred Leaders. It gives that Kin the right to adopt another as his/her Childe." He stopped and looked up at Giles, wondering if he understood.

"I see." Giles started. "So what you are basically saying is that you must have permission to feed another of your kind, and that is like adopting a child, only vampire. Am I right?"

"Somewhat. Though when this Blood Bond is made, the Childe will virtually be a slave to his/her adopter. A Thrall as we call it. Those Kindred would no longer have his or her free will any longer. They would live only to please their Parent." Giles blinked as he thought over what had been said.

"I'll do it." Giles looked up, jolted out of his thoughts by the young mans revelation. Julian looked around him to see a short young man with spiked blond hair stepping forward from the back of the room. "I'll help her."

"What!" Giles and Buffy asked in unison. "Oz, I don't think that…you aren't serious!" Buffy asked him. He stepped up to the three.

"I am serious and why not? You two obviously don't seem to care too much about helping her from the looks on your faces when he explained that Blood bond thing. Plus he said he wouldn't hurt us, he would have already." He explained calmly as if nothing had happened so far.

"And you would trust a vampire?" Xander kicked in, stepping into the circle of slayeretts. "Trust a vamp and you are guarantied to die, or become a vamp yourself."

"It'd be better than being a savage werewolf." Beginning to feel interrogated, he walked up to Julian. "So what is it that I have to do?" Julian opened his mouth to respond...

"OZ! But, you're not a savage werewolf! You're just...a little aggressive in wolf mode that's all." Willow stomped over to him; her eyes glistening with tears as she stood staring into his eyes. He turned to her and held her shoulders gently rubbing them.

"Will, I am not going to become a vampire I am just going to help this one GOOD vampire out. Right?" He stated turning to Julian for confirmation.

"Correct. She would not kill him like some of the famous theories about how vampires kill. He would not become a vampire either, he must drink her blood too, in order for that to happen, which will not. He would feel like he donated too much blood at a Blood Drive, but some orange juice and a good diet will correct that in a few days." Julian offered. Giles gave him a look. How could he know so much about that? How many people had 'given' their blood to these so called good vampires. Giles began to have second thoughts.

"I wouldn't be hurt. It will be done and over with in no time, and I will still be your LIVE werewolf man."

" trust, remember?" She whispered in a husky voice, almost hysterical now.

"No trust our vampires. These guys are cool. Look at me." He stopped to gently turn her head so that he gaze into her deep brown eyes. "Do YOU trust me?" Willow look into his eyes for a moment.

"I-I trust you."

"Okay then let's do it." He kissed her on her forehead then let go of her and followed Julian over to the front of the cage. "What do I do first?" Julian walked over to Siharra, kneeling down beside her he spoke to her. Oz watched as she eyed him then looked back to Julian. She nodded her head slightly.

"Come." Julian gestured to him. Oz walked over to them, getting down to her level. He sat Indian style beside her.

"Hello Siharra." She half smiled at him.

"Now, do you feel more comfortable with your neck or should we go with your arm?" He pointed to Oz's mid-arm, close to the elbow to show what place she would be taking from.

" really doesn't matter to me." He said looking from Siharra to Julian and back.

"Alright, it's up to you Siharra." She nodded, pointing to her neck, then signed something to him.

"Wait. I thought she was deaf."

"No, she's a mute. That's the way she was before she was transformed."

"Oh." He said looking back at Siharra suddenly feeling sorry for her.

"She says that she prefers the neck, the blood flows more evenly from there than from the arm veins. Is that okay with you?" He asked making sure that Oz was comfortable with this.

"Ya." Oz watched him as he rose to leave. He looked back at Siharra; she was smiled shyly at him. He warmly returned her smile.

"You know, I've never been bitten before, something different." Siharra's eyes went wide as she looked at him. "No that's a good thing." She suddenly noticed how much he resembled Cash. His hair, the slim line of his face, and his intense yet gentle eyes... The memory made her eyes well up on her, causing her sight to turn a blurry red.

The gang watched in silence as the three got acquainted. "This is quite unorthodox." Giles managed to say walking away from them. The others followed him into another part of the Library.

"And how is that Giles? Oz is sacrificing himself to a vampire, a female vampire at that, and we are standing her doing nothing; pretending that it's just another normal daily routine!" Xander said under his breath in a husky tone so that Julian or the other girl wouldn't hear him.

"I do believe that they mean what they said earlier, about not hurting us."

"I don't think that they are dangerous either." Angel said watching them. "She seemed so intrigued about my…other features." Buffy stepped in.

"Their vampires none-the-less and they shouldn't be trusted."

"Yes, and I noticed that he knew an awful lot about the giving blood part he mentioned." They looked at him. "He said that 'some orange juice and the proper diet would correct that in a few days'. How could he know so much about that?" No one seemed to have an answer to that.

"So the question is, should we trust them." Giles looked at them, wondering what they thought.

After a brief silence Xander spoke. "Why do we trust Angel then? Is it possible that the other species of vampires are not demons? That they are born this way or when they are transformed, their soul is included?"

"Xander! You ought to become a scientist or something." Willow chimed. Xander's mouth widened into a smile. "Ya!"

"I wouldn't mind knowing more about them." Angel said. "I mean, we haven't seen them before now, and they seem non-violent."

"At least we don't think that we have seen them before now." Giles huffed.

"Non-violent, unlike your other friends." Buffy said looking all stary-eyed at the vampire she had fallen in love with.

"That's another story."

Siharra stared at his neck, wanting to bite, but not wanting too. She had already broken the Masquerade with Xander and Buffy, and didn't want to cause anymore trouble.

"Here," He said leaning toward her with his head tilted to one side, tempting her to bite. "Don't be shy, drink." His tone was soft and reassuring, but fear clung to the edge of his voice. She put a hand around his neck and gently pulled him toward her. She could fell as his heart rate went up, as well as her own, and his breathing had turned fast and shallow. She wished there were something that she could do to ease his fears, but the pulse point on his neck beckoned her to bite. She lowered her head to that point in his neck and kissed it. Oz jumped underneath her.

"Shhhhh..." She hissed at him again, kissing him again. This time with a deeper passion and meaning than before, she felt him relaxed.

Julian walked over to the group; their mouths hanging open as they watched the two within the cage.

"So," Xander said still starring into the cage. "You say you are different?"

"From what I have seen." He raised an eyebrow at them. "Is there another room that we can go to, to discuss yours," he bowed slightly to Angel who had turned away from Oz and Siharra. "And our clans."

"Um, this way." Giles said pealing his eyes off the two and turned to lead them to his office. Julian walked alongside Angel.

"Are you alright?"

"Fine." He answered stiffly not looking at him.

Gently, Siharra made two punctures along his jugular with her sharp canine teeth. Siharra The blood flowed quickly and evenly from his neck. She attached herself to him and hungrily lapped up the warm crimson liquid. Oz moaned under her spell, her bite giving him ecstasy beyond his wildest dreams. She barely took note of the group of humans, Julian and Sasha leaving as she feed, eagerly, from this kind person. She could feel the blood bring life to her week limbs and a reassuring warmness rose inside of her as she continued to drink. Soon she could feel Oz's heart rate grow slower and his breathing grow ragged.

She reluctantly lifted off of Oz's neck, and he slumped onto her, but he wasn't dead. She carefully licked the two wounds in his neck, and they started to instantly heal over, leaving only small, almost unnoticeable marks. He moaned as Siharra took his head in her lap and lowered her head, planting a kiss on his sweet lips. His eyes fluttered opened to meet hers. Siharra licked clean her lips as she smiled warmly and stroked his short, oddly soft, blond hair.

"Wow." She placed her hand onto his mouth and shook her head at him, telling him mentally that he should not talk. After a few minutes of rest, she helped him to his feet. A little wobbly, she guided him over to the door where she had seen Julian and the humans go through. Oz noticed as he looked at her that a blush redness had settled into her cheeks, and her skin took on a more natural, peachy look.

"T-That was," he paused as he looked into her eyes, trying to find a word to describe what she had done to him. "Incredible. Despite the fact you drank my blood and all. I-I always thought that it would be painful, not…erotic. It's kind of ironic in a way." He looked away. Siharra rolled her eyes and smiled at him, his humor as unique as he.


After the two re-united with Julian and the others, Julian explained to them that when a Kindred drains a human, that person experiences a sense of ecstasy that brings them to a whole new level of sexuality; an out of this world experience. Sasha told them that Siharra was turned by force, by the Bruja, a clan that was evil in their ways and naturally violent. Julian was of the clan Ventrue, who were gentle and more kind in their ways. Sasha also Bruja, turned by force too. She had asked her Uncle-Julian- to change her, but the Bruja got their greedy, lusty hands on her. The emotional damage to Siharra had been significant, and they had pain stakingly brought her around so that she was not evil and uncaring like her creator, Demore. Sasha, ironically, had been turned by force by Demore, who had been sentenced to final death by Julian. They didn't kill humans they feed from, Julian explained, unlike the vampires that Giles had described. Many humans, in fact, had become addicted to being drained because of the sensuality of the bite. Julian found out that Angel was one of the vampires that Giles had described earlier, but after he heard what had happened-a curse that restored his soul was laid on him by a Gypsy family who's beloved daughter he had turned into a vampire--they became pals.

Julian and Sasha came back often to help the slayerettes out in their fight against the evil vampires and other monsters that plagued the city because of the Hell Mouth that it sat on.

After Buffy had left Angel to pursue college, he and Siharra began to see one another. Sasha helped Siharra teach him sign language and lip reading, which he was quick to pick up. Angel knew way back in his mind that Siharra was only a replacement for Buffy, nothing would replace his first love, but she could help ease the pain that he had for losing her. He told her all about the curse laid on him many centuries ago by that Gypsy family and his love for Buffy; she understood that they would never be a normal 'couple'. She didn't mind because she cherished his companionship and friendship…his uniqueness. Siharra, along with the help of Julian, taught him how to feed from a human without killing them; thus, he would be able to have live, fresh blood whenever he desired. She soon got used to his face change whenever he feed. In fact she had found it cute if not beautiful. His shyness about his vampric features soon disappeared, as well as his fear of being close to someone…

Look for the chillingly romantic conclusion in the next story...Transformations...

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