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The Seven-Step Plan for the Busy Scrapper

These tips can be found in the little scrapping book called Scrapbooking Made Easy Finding Inspiration & defining your personal style By Jill A. Rinner. These little handy books can be found at any scrapping store or stores that sell scrapping supplies.

Life isn't about a series of vacations and special occasions. Simple, everyday activities can be just as memorable. Besides, the guys will alwasys want proof of how hard they worked so they can use it for leverage later. :)

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven

ay One

From yout box of organized(don't laugh, I'm serious) photos, choose an event or time period of pictures to work on. Get the pictures out and eliminate any definate rejects. With all the good ones left, categorize them into a time line of that event.

aydream Tip for Day One
Start thinking about color schemes you might use. While going about your daily routine, take notice of colors and patterns around you. Make a mental not of possible color combinations for your layout.

ay Two

Choose paper, stickers, and/or diecuts that you think you may use for the layout. This might incluse a trip to your favorite local scrapbook stor(oh bummer, shopping). If you have a collection of materials, peruse through it for some ptential ideas.

aydream Tip for Day Two
While in the car today, check out shapes along the way and decide on which shapes would be best to crop your pictures, if they need it. Remember, it's always best to keep the shape of your photos simple. Daydream about possible page layouts. Listen to the radio for song lyrics that could make good titles.

ay Three

Crop and trim all pictures. If you use photo squares, place them on the back of each picture. Clear off your work area and get ready for tomorrow's assembly.

aydream Tip for Day Three
Notice all letters on billboards and in magazines or newspapers. Make mental notes for ideas of possible titles for the page.

ay Four

Mat any pictures. If you like to use templates to cut out letters, trace them today and carry them with you while you wait around for people or things. Shift pictures around on the page and plan how the page layout will be.

aydream Tip for Day Four
Try to recall the memory of the event. What things can you remember? Interview other family members casually about the event and get their perspective.

ay Five

Affix your pictures to the page with adhesive. Write the title with creative lettering ot other stickers. Leave room on the page for photo journaling.

aydream Tip for Day Five
Think of any poems or qoutes befitting the subject of your layout. Peruse qoute books for inspiration.

ay Six

With your photos in place, write the photo journaling. Who's in the pictures? When was this? Where were you? What was the occasion? Later, all this information will be extremly imprtant to tell the story of your life. With extra space, add any embellishments desired.

aydream Tip for Day Six
Think of what event to scrapbook next. If the weather is warm and sunny, take advantage of this inspiration around you and work on summer pages next. Or if it's really hot, get out the snow pictures and scrapbook those. All those thoughts of snowflakes are sure to cool you down!

ay Seven

After six days of great creating, there's always time for a rest. Relax and share those wonderful memories you've documented with your family. Spend the day with the family creating new memories.
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